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"...she reaches forth her hands to the needy" Proverbs 31:20

About Jacki London

Jacki London Lecturing on the Gospel

Prophetess London credits her work ethic to her parents Foster and Lillian Barfield. She was helped along the spiritual path and became a licensed minister under the leadership of the late Dr. Alphonza Jackson of New Bern, NC.

Mission Statement:

The Pillar of Fire Worship Center is a Bible-based worship center where the holistic counsel of God is Taught and the liberty of the Holy Spirit is demonstrated through the Trinity, the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit by faith, we acknowledge the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. My assignment as overseer to this Body of Believers, as well as to the kingdom of God, is to serve as a spiritual agency and a varied entity interlocking denominations, cultures, and races as one into the body of Christ.

It is my duty and prayer to introduce and teach each member the five-fold ministry by demonstration and power of the Holy Spirit for their perfection-not only teach but also bring them into a spiritual realm that will enable them to identify and operate effectively out of their purpose, gift, and office as a Born Again Believer.

With character, integrity, and accountability, it is my vision to birth and bishop sons and daughters into their prophetic and apostolic calling for the purpose of propelling those whom they encounter into a new dimension in Christ Jesus.

Jacki London

Biological Sketch

Of Dr. Jacki London

Jacki London born to SFC Foster and Lillian Barfield in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She became a Born again Believer in 1985 and a licensed minister in 1987 through the Biblical House of God under the leadership of Dr. Alphonso Jackson. Later, God envisioned Prophetess London to establish an outreach ministry, Jacki London Ministries, which became incorporated through the State of North Carolina in 1991.

Jacki London is a national and international revivalist who is known and established in the office of the Five Fold Ministry. She has conducted several seminars and conferences. Just to name a few: “Can You Help A Sista Out” Retreat and Conference and Apostolic Prayer Conference. Also, she has birthed an annual event, the “War Brides In Red,” a gala dinner affair recognizing five outstanding women and three adolescent females in Southeastern North Carolina to benefit the Domestic Violent Shelter of Duplin County.

London is the host for the Apostolic Prayer Conference Line every Tuesday night that gathers 100 + callers.

She has graduated 325 students from her New Ministers Class which is a 10 week class held annually grooming and preparing young ministers to launch their ministries. The classes taught are: How to Prepare and Present A Sermon; Pulpit Etiquette; World Religions; Overview of Theology; Theological Vocabulary; Synoptic Gospels; Letters of Paul; Pre-Exilic and Post-Exilic Prophets; Pedo Baptism; The Eucharist; Weddings, Funerals and many more subjects.

In 1998, POF Worship Center was birthed out of a 4-cord prayer meeting. this prayer meeting at 8:00 every Monday nights The “house meetings” transitioned into something more massive - an establishment of worship that went from Monday evening services to Sunday morning traditional services with a membership of seven. God gave us favor in Pamlico County - some say “the back side of the mountain” - for five years; after which Pillar of Fire Worship Center relocated to Warsaw, NC where they currently hold services.

London is the Overseer of four Apostles, six Prophets, 2 Pastors and Teachers, 2 Evangelist and 2 Spiritual Church Mothers.

Prophetess London holds an Associates degree in Psychology from Craven Community College, A Bachelor of Science Degree in Religion from Mt. Olive College, a Masters Degree in Theology and a Doctorate in Theology through the North Carolina School of Theology.

She is in the preliminary stages of collecting data for several publishing's, one being, “Super Tuesdays On Mondays.” Also, she is drawing plans for the envisioned gospel social club - “Solomon’s Porch.”

In her spare time, she is pampering her business “Lillian Bess” an interior design and gift shop. Her hobbies are listening to music, abstract painting, decorating, and entertaining.

Dr. London has 2 daughters; deShauna and Passion; six lovely grandchildren, who she says are the “apple of her eye”: Lillian O’brien, deShon Montreal, Vinson Elijah, Shakirra Caleb, Kahlil, and Maykalia Kodee.

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